Current Obsession // Hot summer freebie


[ image via – schneidernmeistern]

I have been searching for the perfect silhouette for my first attempt at dress making and I’ve found it!

The best part? This is a FREE pattern but only for the month of August!

This dress is so me! I adore simple, modern designs. Just take a look at the details:


Casual and elegant. It’s the perfect summer outfit!

I’m crushing on the designer, Monika Schmidt-Mader. She is a stay at home mama who lives in Bremen with her family.  Her style is my jam. I can see myself wearing Else as well. Another simple, ingenious modular dress. I’m definitely going for the hooded version.

I love her CRAZYLAZYWEAR mantra. It reminded me of COZYSQUISHYWOOL

Modern, reduced … casual, cozy – with the possibility to be synonymous times “schickimicki”. Inspired by the harsh climate of northern Germany. Reinterpreted favorite pieces in casual style. Just add jeans.”  


She recommends lightweight woven fabrics with drape. I have a few yards of a linen + rayon blend in my stash that I can use. I’m patiently waiting for the kids to get back to school (who else is counting down the days???) so I can give this a try. I’ve made several dresses for my daughter ages ago (toddler size) that I’d love to share with you – that is – if I can find them!


Happy sewing!


When I first started knitting, like many, I used good ‘ol acrylic. It was socks that introduced me to all the beautiful indie dyed yarns, which opened up the world of knitting for me. I felt this is a good place to start my story. How I learned to knit socks.

Disclaimer: This is a long one. I’ve included links that helped me through this process along with a list of patterns used. I do hope you’ll find it useful if you are a beginner sock knitter or thinking of casting on your first pair, or even if you’re simply curious to know how I got this party started. 

I was making scarves for my husband and eldest son at the time. Knitting podcasts kept me company and almost every. single. one of them was making socks. I remember thinking – WHY? I don’t see the point. How can one even knit with such fine yarn and tiny, tiny needles? Not to mention how expensive yarn is only to put on your feet???

Fast forward 2 years later, and I am now a self-professed SOCK ADDICT.

I ALWAYS have a pair on the needles (sometimes two or three – don’t judge!) and carry it everywhere I go.

When I got the hang of it, I told my family they were all getting socks for Christmas.

2016 was the year of socks.

This is how it began…

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