Kinda Magic Socks


Back in November of last year, Wool and The Gang sent me their latest sock yarn called Kinda Magic Socks. You can read more about it here.


It’s called ‘Kinda Magic’ because when you knit it at the right gauge, a leopard pattern appears. Wool and the Gang offers this as a kit which comes with 3 different needle sizes so you can rest assured you’ll have everything you need to make the socks.

Here’s everything you get:


  • 1 x Kinda Magic Yarn
  • 1 x Kinda Magic Sock Pattern
  • 1 x Double Pointed Needles (5) (Size: Pack of 5 x 2.25mm DPN)
  • 1 x Double Pointed Needles (5) (Size: Pack of 5 x 2.5mm DPN)
  • 1 x Double Pointed Needles (5) (Size: Pack of 5 x 2.75mm DPN)

Now, I’m a magic looper, as you may already know by now. Also, the pattern is written for cuff down but I like to knit my socks toe up. So, of course, I modified to my preferences!


Thankfully, I had all 3 needle sizes on hand because it took me several tries to get gauge. I started with my usual 2.25mm needle and cast on the number of stitches called for in the pattern. Eventually, I had to go all the way up to 2.75mm for the pattern to show.

*Tip:  You need to pay attention when the striping begins. To ensure you are knitting at the correct gauge, the stripe should start at the beginning of each round. If you find you began a new round and are still working with the white section or if you finished the round before the white changes to yellow, you have to tink back and try again with a different needle size.


I ended up using all 3 needle sizes for my socks.


When I figured out that I need to use 2.75mm for the pattern to show, I realized I would end up with socks that would be way too loose if I cast on using this size so I went back down to the 2.25mm for the toe then switched to the 2.75mm at the beginning of the stripe section.


The pattern has you put in a scrap yarn to mark the beginning of the heel as a guide to come back to later. Because I’ve only used Fish Lips Kiss Heel for my socks, it’s what I used.


I switched back to the 2.25mm to work the heel, then switched to the 2.75mm for the leg.

I know, it sounds like a lot of fussing but it really isn’t! It’s just as if you were knitting a sweater or a hat – where the pattern calls for smaller needles for the ribbing then has you switch to larger needles for the rest of the body.


When it was time to knit the cuff, I absentmindedly picked up the 2.5mm needles. I was already halfway done the ribbing when I realized what I had done and instead of ripping back I just went with it. I made notes to make sure I do the same for the second sock.


I did try it on as I was knitting with the 2.75mm. It’s definitely bigger than all the other socks I’ve knit (and I’ve knit a lot!) but it’s totally fine! Using the smaller needles for the toe and heel definitely helps with the fit.


Now that the socks are done and I can actually walk around with it, I’m really pleased with how it turned out. It’s so cozy! All the other socks I’ve made have a much tighter fit, yes, and some would argue you’re supposed to knit it like that because the socks stretch a bit after blocking. But I realize after making these socks that I actually like to have a bit of room in mine.


These turned out just right for me. It’s not too tight, nor too big. Lots of wiggle room. I really like the fit!

Yarn: Kinda Magic Socks by Wool and the Gang
Colorway: Cool Cat Copper


I want to thank Wool and the Gang for sending me this yarn to try. I absolutely enjoyed working with you AND I’m in love with my socks!  



Back in October of last year, I was invited by Brooklyn Tweed to Preview Knit a pattern of my choosing from their upcoming Winter 2018 Collection.

Preview knitting is different from sample knitting and test knitting. At this stage, the pattern has already gone through an extensive knitting process and technical feedback was not a requirement. I was given the pre-layout version without the finalized pattern name.

A couple months later, I was delighted to find out that the garment I chose was named Freja –  meaning Lady, Goddess of love, beauty, war and death in Norse mythology.

I love the name Freja and if you recall from my first vlog, I had named my dress form after her!

How serendipitous!


“For insouciant style you can dress up or down, Freja is a quick knit with big impact. An open front with a swingy A-line shape and a textured shawl collar make this sculptural piece easy to throw on over any outfit, and in chunky Quarry, it’s an ideal cozy overlayer. Add angled patch pockets for the perfect functional accent.” – Brooklyn Tweed. 


Just my cup of tea!

I used Brooklyn Tweed Quarry in the colorway Gypsum. I hadn’t tried it yet and to be honest, was a little skeptical, having read too many tips on how to use this yarn. In the end, I decided to give it a shot and see for myself exactly what the fuss is about. I made notes – just in case…


I’m happy to report that I experienced no breakage with Quarry while knitting. NONE. It was an absolute pleasure to work with – from hand winding the skein into a ball – to spit splicing (my favorite!).


Every technique Jared incorporated in this design resulted in an effortless knit. If only I had a dollar for every time I stopped in awe to tell Radley “I am blown away by this”.

It’s not an easy feat to keep things simple. To know when to stop – when you’ve hit the sweet spot by adding just a hint of texture to keep interest.


The classic stockinette paired with an easy to memorize texture along the neckline produced a sophisticated garment. The pockets are optional but I highly recommend. The construction is ingenious!


At first, I knit the longer version of the sleeves (7″). I wore it for a couple of days and really thought about what I like and need for a cardigan. I still had about 70% of the last ball so I wasn’t worried that I will run out.


In the end, I decided to go for a 3/4 length sleeve and for little me, that translates to roughly 10″. I ripped back the binding, added 3 more inches to each sleeve then re-blocked.

I’m so happy with how this turned out. Part of the reason why I was so impressed is that I had never worked with Quarry before. The stitch definition really made the texture pop. It works up really fast because you’re using a bulky weight yarn, but it’s not heavy. It blocks out like a cloud.

Freja is a timeless, carefree cardigan that I see myself living in for many years to come.

pd-freja-4Freja by Jared Flood 

I would like to thank Jared Flood, Korina Yoo, and everyone at Brooklyn Tweed for inviting me to be a part of this collection. It was a true honor and pleasure to preview knit and work with you! xo



As always, here’s a list of shows I watched while working on this project:

  • The Walking Dead – Season 8
  • Vikings – Season 5
  • How To Get Away With Murder – Season 4
  • Top of the Lake – Season 2
  • The Handmaid’s Tale – Season 1
  • Outlander – Season 3



Have you heard?

Wool and the Gang recently launched their first ever sock yarn called ‘Kinda Magic Socks‘. As you knit, a unique leopard print pattern emerges – just like magic!

The yarn was carefully developed with world-leading sock brand Schachenmayr REGIA. A collaboration that combines Regia’s expertise with Wool and the Gang’s fun and fashion-forward approach to design, creating the ultimate DIY kit to jazz up your feet.

The kits are available in 5 different colorways – no messy color changes, just one magic ball of leopard printing yarn.kindamagic_4kindamagic_5kindamagic_6kindamagic_7kindamagic_8
Wool and the Gang gifted me one to try and I chose the colorway Cool Cat Copper. I was immediately smitten by the mustard yellow! It’s cutting it close but I would really like to try and finish these in time to wear for Christmas 🙂

Wool and the Gang is also generously giving one of you a kit! Head over to my Instagram for all the details and a chance to win your very own Kinda Magic Socks!

Hurry! This giveaway ends Tuesday, December 19 at 12am EST.  Good luck!

Many thanks to Wool and the Gang for sponsoring this giveaway!

Current Obsession // Tiilda Hat + Mittens

Current Obsession - noshow socks Instagram(image via @yumirumiknits)

The talented designer, Inese Sang, who I’m lucky enough to call my friend, has just released this gorgeous set of Tiilda Hat and Mittens as a free Ravelry download! 

I simply adore knits in neutrals and the simple cable detail knit in bulky weight has me itching to cast on ASAP! This will be my first attempt at making mittens and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Winter is definitely here!

I too, am a pom-pom lover so you can bet I will have an epic one on my hat as well 🙂