How to add contrasting color to FLK heel

Every so often, I receive questions about knitting – socks in particular – and I am always happy to help as much as I can. It brings me so much joy to hear that I’ve inspired you to try something new!

In this video, I show how I add contrasting color for the fish lips kiss heel, as requested.

Yarns used:
Main color: Lang Jawoll colorway 902.0084
Contrasting color: Cascade Heritage Solids colorway 5704

Please don’t mind the awkward talking at certain parts haha!

Enjoy 🙂

How to wind yarn

I like to wind my yarn twice. I use the swift at first, then pull from the center and wind a second time.

The result?

Relaxed fibers. Less kink. A pleasure to knit!

Can you see the difference from 0:14 to 0:20? The cake is nice and fluffy 🙂