Day One


Day One

I always had a thing for bags.

Well, amongst other things like makeup, shoes, flowers, and of course, yarn. When I first started knitting, I was using old makeup bags to house my projects on the go.

I have a hard time finding a project bag that matches my aesthetic. A bag, after all, is an extension of your personality. I like simplicity. Not overly patterned. I prefer zippered compartments over pockets, and the bigger, the better.

My love for knitting and my love for bags had me dreaming of creating the perfect bag. Perhaps, even start an online store. In the past year, I’ve been busy making prototypes of different sizes and materials. Lots of trial and error, for sure. As a stay at home mama, it is difficult to find the time to sit in my studio, and just create. There were lots of late nights sewing, troubleshooting, and planning.

It was always in the back of my mind to pursue this further once my youngest began school. Even though his first day was technically this past Tuesday, he was only there for a couple of hours. Today, my lil’ man, my baby, who I was with every day for 4 years, is away for the whole day.

I want to cry but I’m also excited.  I want him home a little longer but I also want my freedom. This September, our kids reached a milestone. The eldest started University. The second started grade one. And now, our youngest is in JK.

It’s time.

I have to set aside fears and doubts.

Today is day one.


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